OK, so the saga continues.

My first post here deals with the issues I’ve had so far, simply trying to get an incorrect Xbox gamer tag ID deleted – an ID, which also ties into so much other stuff that my WindowsPhone7 account marketplace will now not work properly in my new country location.



Well, this weekend i got a follow up email from ZUNE Support, who are at least trying their best to help, asking how I got on with XBox support.

My patience was wearing a little thin at this point, and I even wave the big bad stick of the mighty Data Protection Act at XBox support, to no avail, and actually get a refusal to escalate the issue in return.

This is how it went…  >>


Hello Dom:

I just wanted to follow up with you and see if my previous email was helpful.  Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns I can assist you with.

For any future questions you may have, consider using our Microsoft Answers site. You can post questions or comments and engage with product professionals from Microsoft and the consumer product community.

Warmest regards,
Zune Customer Support



Unfortunately not really, no.

I spent some time with Xbox support, who effectively told me there was nothing they could do – I would need access to an Xbox myself, which I don’t have.

This is despite the experiences of this man, here, who ended up escalating it to the Xbox Global Escalations team before getting a response, and the assurances given to him that Xbox support would be made aware of the issue.

Please see here:


I’ve also started adding stuff to my own blog, here:

If you’d like to see how my Xbox support chat went, please find the transcript below.

I understand this is an Xbox issue, but please can you have your management team raise this with the Xbox management team, and whoever else in MS that needs to know.  I’m on my second WindowsPhone7, and have run WM6 and 6.5 before this – indeed I am a MS support professional, but cannot believe how har this is to get sorted out.

We live in an age where people travel internationally all the time for business and pleasure – surely MS has taken this into account?

Anyway, If you could have the below case escalated to Xbox Global Escalations team, it would be very much appreciated, before I lose yet another hour of my life to this issue.


XBOX SUPPORT CHAT  [spelling corrected and edits to hide IDs]

Please wait for an agent to respond. You are currently ‘6’ in the queue.

Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with ‘Adelina’.

Adelina: Hello Dominic. Thank you for contacting Xbox Support.

dom: hi, i need to delete my zunetag

Adelina: I understand you would like to delete your Zune tag. For this request we would have to refer you to Zune to find if this is an option. Would you like that support link?

dom: i have been ongoing with support for over a year, and finally have be referred to Xbox support as them being the only people who can do this.

dom: [quoting Zune Support] “We are sorry to hear this is still an issue. The deleting of accounts is something we cannot do here at Zune/Windows phone support. I saw in the blog that the blogger was contacted by Xbox in regards to getting is account canceled. At this time the only solution we have to make changes to the Xbox/Zune account and it’s related Live Id is via a Xbox console. If you would like to explore solutions that Xbox may have for you they can be contacted at 0800 587 1102. I really do wish I was able to accommodate your request but we simply do not have the ability to make the changes you are looking to make. We hope Xbox is able to better assist. For any future questions you may have, consider using our Microsoft Answers site. You can post questions or comments and engage with product professionals from Microsoft and the consumer product community. Warmest regards, Zune Customer Support

Adelina: Thank you. Just a moment as I review the information please.

dom: the issue is actually with my Windows 7 phone – i cannot get things to work because my old gamer tag has UK details attached to it – i just need to delete it!

dom: MS support case: “RE: SRXxxxxxxxxxxxxx – Zune Live, Troubleshooting, The customer has multiple Zune tags associated to one Windows Live ID, Escalated”

dom: basically, all I need is for someone to delete my gamer tag of “blxxxxxxxxx” I cannot do this as have no access to a console where i am.

dom: another option is if you could change my Gamertag country location to the US – this should also work

Adelina: This may be the issue. If you have a gamer account you are trying to use in the US and it is from another region, there is not a way to change the region. A new account would need to be created for the new region.

Adelina: If you have an email address that is linked to your Zune account that you would like to remove, you can create another free email address and replace it with the one that is on your Zune account to remove it from that account.

dom: but this all requires a console to do it… I don’t have access to one anymore!!

Adelina: You can log in on login.live.com to change the email address on the current account.

dom: I have logged in absolutely everywhere:

dom: Windpowsphone.com

dom: Accounts.live.com

dom: xbox.com

dom: zune.net

dom: there is nowhere I can remove the “blixxxxxxxx” gamer tag, or associate it with another account.

dom: please see following blog:

dom: http://gcoupe.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/at-long-last-a-result/

Adelina: When going to login.live.com and clicking on the change option in the Account Overview screen, what error message is received when you try and change the email address please?

dom: I think you’re not following – everything I have is correct apart from the Xbox gamer tag. My main Windows Live ID “dom@windowsliveID.com” is correct and works with all my other MS services – Skydrive, hotmail. messenger, windowsphone, technet. etc. etc.

dom: The only thing nocorrect in all of my MS stuff (I’m a MS support professional) is this Xbox Gamer tag, which seems to be impossible to delete!! Pleas can you simply delete the gamer tag “blxxxxxxxxxx”

Adelina: Our system does not allow deletions. This is the reason we are trying to assist with a work around for the issue you are experiencing.

dom: OK, please read this from MS support:

dom: “All of your app purchases are tied to your Gamer tag, which is a different entity than your Live ID. If you are able to Transfer your Gamer tag to a new Live ID it will put all of your app purchases on a Live ID with a single billing account and this will avoid any of the problems your current Live ID has. To get back to your original issue, if you restore your phone, your app purchases are tied to the Gamer tag, so as long as you are able to recover the account with the same Gamer tag as you have now you will retain all of your marketplace activity. Transferring a gamer tag from one Live ID to another is a process that Xbox developed, it isn’t something that the Windows Phone team or Zune team made that is why it is located solely on their platform, since its all the same account it will work fine for fixing your Live ID. You can transfer your Live ID to any email address that you have access to. But whichever you transfer it to you will need to set it up as the primary Live ID on your phone to have access to those apps. You will need to reinstall any apps purchased that you intend to use. ”

dom: I cannot transfer my gamer tag to a new ID as I don’t have access to a console to do it…

dom: I have created a new LiveID purely for the purpose f transferring my gamer tag to, but can’t do it – are you able to that for me?

dom: please see point three here – you are currently holding INCORRECT DAT about me, incorrectly listing my country location as the UK with gamertag. I am requesting, as per the Data Protection act, that you either: 1. change my gamertag ID to reflect my true new country location of US, or 2. delete the Gamertag, so I can create a new one with correct info:

dom: [link to UK Data Protection act law] http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?itemId=1074414316&type=RESOURCES

Adelina: We are not able to switch the id for you as this is a security measure. Do you happen to have a friend or family member that can allow you to use their console for this change?

dom: I have stated several times… I do not have access to an Xbox console. I am currently working on a small remote island!

dom: With all due respect, the Data protection law of the UK should be taking precedent over any internal security measure. Please, if you are unable to action this yourself, can you escalate this to a manager?

dom: please can also give me a case number for this (to add to the ones I’ve received from Zune support and MS support previously…)

Adelina: Just a moment please as I review the issue with my support team.

dom: hello?

Adelina: I am here. Just a couple more minutes please. I am sorry for the wait.

dom: thanks – I need to leave for a meeting – are you able to give me a case number so I can come back to this later?

Adelina: Sure. Just a moment please as I generate the information.

Adelina: Your reference number is 11xxxxxxxxx.   This can be provided to an agent as a record of our conversation if you need additional assistance.

dom: If you could email transcript of the support chat to me as well, would be much appreciated: dom@workaddress.com

dom: did we get a result on deleting my tag?

Adelina: The gamer tag cannot be deleted. I was working with my support team on any other possible alternatives. For a transcript of this chat session, you can choose the email option on the chat box or copy and paste the information in a word document.

Your chat transcript will be sent to dom@workaddress.com at the end of your chat.

dom: Will this be escalated whilst I away?

Adelina: It will not be escalated at this time. My support team has informed me, in this case the only option is to allow the system to perform the deletion maintenance on this account which occurs about every 7 years if the account has not been accessed. If you can get to a console before that time, the change can be made. Another option would be to create a new email address and tie it to your other services so that you may then access your phone with no issues.

Adelina: The best option in this case would be to register a new account with a new email as the one listed will always show as UK since it was tied to a UK gamer account.

dom: so, just to be clear, this is in direct contravention of the Data Protection Act, as Xbox (not you personally!) are refusing to remove or correct incorrect information you have stored about me (i.e. my correct location and home address). Well thanks for yet another dead end, i will be looking to follow this with publishing full details to my own blog, and obviously having to escalate the issue as per the other chap whose blog I mentioned. I would appreciate it if you could raise this issue as a complaint with your customer care department, and I am requesting a contact back from them. Thanks