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Pricing has been revealed, and it’s not cheap.


Surface appeals because of it’s small form factor, and the ability to finally use Win8 in a Touch environment as a small, robust, mobile tablet with keyboard if you go for the option.

Needing to learn Windows 8, I’ve put Win8 on my main work laptop this week, having beta tested it and dropped it like a hot potato previously (unlike my refusing to let go of the Win7 beta). It’s actually going OK despite the learning curve, but due to one thing – the multi touch gesture support on my new Aspire One 756-2623. WIthout this multi touch support for scrolling around, Win8 would be a nightmare. If installing on a desktop, then I recommend getting one of the new multi touch MS mice to work with it.

(Also there’s a Windows Upgrade site offering a very cheap upgrade($15 in US), if you bought a Win7 machine anytime since June:)

And herein lies the Surface’s main problem with its’ pricing.  At $240 from Acer’s ebay outlet, and a $15 upgrade to Win8 this little Acer is the Surface’s undoing – this slimline 11.6″ (“celeron” i3) dual core netbook flies along, has a full keyboard, and with the multi touch keypad makes Win8 perfectly useable.

I don’t see the point in paying an extra $300 plus to simply get my screen dirty with smudges!!  (maybe i’m missing the point of tablet form factor here…)