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It appears there’s lots of issues with people trying to connect to hidden SSIDs with Windows 8.


Some are claiming drivers issues, and other that it’s a ploy by MS to stop us using them (I’m in agreement with that one).

Now putting aside the security issues (hidden SSIDs are actually less safe than broadcast SSIDs), some people still need to connect to them, and the Microsoft page really is unbelievably unhelpful , instead scolding you for using hidden SSIDs, and telling you to turn them on.  In my case, our Cisco small office firewall and phone system, a UC540, can enable 2 wireless networks, but can only broadcast 1, which we use for customers and repair jobs, so unhiding the private “office use” SSID would involve a purchase of another WiFi box, not really worth it for its’ occasional use (all our desktops are wired).

If you try the normal routes from Windows 7, you will end up frustrated trying to find them…..

To add a hidden network:

  • Open  Start Menu  >  Control Panel  >  Network and Internet  >  Network and Sharing Center.
  • Select  Set up a new connection or network.
  • Choose  Manually connect to a wireless network
  • Select  Next
  • Fill all the fields shown in  Manually connect to a wireless network  window, including paying attention to letter case on SSID with some routers
  • After that click on  Next  button and you will have added the wireless network.

You should now be joined to the hidden SSID network.  Now, where has the  Manage Wireless Networks  button gone…