wow, yet another way Pharma is hitting us, in particularly nasty way with zero forethought to the Earth’s ecology… never even thought of this one.


Writing my second entry on disposable plastics has been somewhat of a challenge. The deeper I dig the more complex the topic appears. I decided to take a different angle on the whole topic by understanding how plastics have crept into my own everyday life. I was ‘gobsmacked’, I believe the English would say.

In my first entry on disposable plastics I roughly identified two types of disposable plastics, one being all the single-use packaging/holding/utensil products we use, the second being micro plastics or ‘micro beads’. Micro beads are a fairly recent (and growing) new application of plastics, primarily used as abrasive and fiber ingredient in a range of cosmetics products, soaps, eye lash enhancers, toothpaste, hair-gel, bathing gel and what not.

Going through my own grooming ‘range’ I quickly identified three products, ELMEX Sensitive toothpaste, containing Polyethylene (PE), L’Oreal Techni Art Glue structurising fiber gel, containing VP /…

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