HP Elitebook Volume Function Keys not working; Chrome Media Handling Fix

For the last 6 months, I’ve been swearing at the Function [Fn] Volume shortcut keys on my G3 Elitebook not working.

There’s a lot of people on the web with similar issues over the last few years, and both HP and Windows updates have been blamed equally:


There were a bunch of fixes listed on different sites, none of which worked for me. I suspected HP hotkey drivers being incompatible with recent Win 10 build updates after a lot of driver updates recently. So I had kind of given up and was hoping the next Windows update release cycle might fix

Then recently, this new large OSD volume control started appearing:

Are you a Windows 10 screen display feature, or something else being invasive..?

With it continually getting in the way, I went in search of a fix to disable this new annoyance, and found it here:


Turns out this is a new feature in Chrome enabled by default, and it can be turned off by entering the following flag in the address bar and using the drop-down to disable:


Lo and behold!

It’s back!!

My function volume keys started working again! So I suspect my issue all along was Chrome and this, or previous incarnations of this OSD, tying into my OS in a way I had most certainly not asked it to.

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