Irma wood becomes bathroom furniture

I collected a lot of wood from our beach, after Hurricane Irma turned houses into matchsticks all over the islands. COVID lockdown gave enough time to make some pieces for the bathroom.The landlord doesn’t like us drilling, so the teak (nice find on the beach) shelves are freestanding, using only gravity and a cammed edgeContinue reading “Irma wood becomes bathroom furniture”

Sargassum bloom in the Caribbean, and how it kills shoreline sealife

My deck drops onto a beach in Handsome Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI.  Whilst many of the North shore beaches are unaffected, some leeward beaches like ours are now feeling the full effect of the Sargassum bloom taking over the Caribbean.  It started as a nuisance, some 18 months ago, and has now reached epic proportions.  Recently we’veContinue reading “Sargassum bloom in the Caribbean, and how it kills shoreline sealife”