macro tiny spider mum

Found this little lady on the shower curtain this morning. To give an idea of size, the egg sac is under 2mm in diameter, so I thought I’d give my little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 a test, not having used its’ macro for much so far. Given that it’s only a small pocket compact with 8xContinue reading “macro tiny spider mum”

an old pencil life drawing

Recently I found one of my old pencil life drawings from about 15 years ago, back when I was doing an “Access” course. (I was planning on doing an Art foundation entrance degree at the time).  It’s looking a bit crinkled, but still isn’t a bad effort, so thought it might be nice up hereContinue reading “an old pencil life drawing”

Office 365: Set Password Never Expires

My thanks to Stoch Tech Group’s blog for this most useful set of Powershell commands, to set the password no-expiration policy for a domain with Office 365, reprinted here for the sake of my own documentation. First you need a system with Microsoft Powershell installed. You can download this and find installation instructions for Powershell here.Continue reading “Office 365: Set Password Never Expires”