Windows 8 and hidden SSIDs

It appears there’s lots of issues with people trying to connect to hidden SSIDs with Windows 8.   Some are claiming drivers issues, and other that it’s a ploy by MS to stop us using them (I’m in agreement with that one). Now putting aside the security issues (hidden SSIDs are actually less safe thanContinue reading “Windows 8 and hidden SSIDs”

Microsoft Surface pricing revealed…. but is it really worth it?

Pricing has been revealed, and it’s not cheap. Surface appeals because of it’s small form factor, and the ability to finally use Win8 in a Touch environment as a small, robust, mobile tablet with keyboard if you go for the option. Needing to learn Windows 8, I’ve put Win8 on my main work laptop thisContinue reading “Microsoft Surface pricing revealed…. but is it really worth it?”